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Submission Instructions

At the workshop we will collaboratively edit the accepted papers.

For editing at the workshop, we require that all submissions are in the form of an Overleaf project that is shared to the workshop’s Overleaf account. Preparing for a published collection in the future means we will not be granting copyrights to ACM, and the papers will not be in the ACM Digital Library. If your paper is accepted, it will be distributed on the USB drive at the conference, and we will host a copy of your paper on the workshop web site. You will be free to distribute your paper to anyone and host a copy anywhere, including your own web site and arXiv. We will use a LaTeX template that looks more like a book chapter than a research paper.

Here are the detailed steps for submitting a paper to Spatial Gems:

Step 1: Start Your Paper on Overleaf

Overleaf is a free, online LaTeX editor for collaborative writing and editing. We will use Overleaf at the workshop for editing, and all submissions must be in the form of an Overleaf project. Sign up for an Overleaf account if you do not already have access to one. Below we will give instructions for how to share your submission to the workshop’s Overleaf account.

Start a new Overleaf project by clicking on “New Project”. From the dropdown menu, choose “View All” under the “Templates” heading. In the search box, type arXiv and click “Search”. One of the first results will be called “Style and Template for Preprints (arXiv, bio-arXiv)”. Click on this result and then click on “Open as Template”. This will create your project, showing you the LaTeX source and rendered version.

The name of the new project is at the top of the web page. Rename your project “XXX Spatial Gems - <title>”, where <title> is the title of your paper. Later you will replace XXX with the submission number of your paper. For example, your document could be titled “XXX Spatial Gems – Computing Distance Between Lat/Longs on the Ellipsoidal Earth”.

Step 2: Change the Template

The arXiv template needs a few changes to format papers suitable for our workshop. In the project file called arxiv.sty, make these changes:

Line 32 - Comment out  “\rhead{\scshape A preprint - \today}”. That is, change

\rhead{\scshape A preprint - \today}


% \rhead{\scshape A preprint - \today}

This eliminates the date and “A preprint” at the top of each page.

Line 219 -- Comment out  “\textsc{A Preprint}\\”. That is, change

\textsc{A Preprint}\\


% \textsc{A Preprint}\\

This eliminates “A Preprint” on the title page.

Line 230 - Change

\vskip 0.4in \@minus 0.1in \center{\today}   \vskip 0.2in


\vskip 0.4in %\@minus 0.1in \center{\today}   \vskip 0.2in

This eliminates the date on the title page.


Step 3: Omit All Copyrighted Material

Our goal is to make a book from the 2021 and 2022 Spatial Gems papers, as we are doing with the papers from 2019 and 2020.  If you have copyrighted material in your paper, such as figures, tables, and quotes, then you need to get permission from the copyright holder for your paper to be included in the book. This is true even if the material came from one of your previous papers. Please simplify the process and omit any copyrighted material from your paper.

Step 4: Write Your Paper

Write your paper in a .tex file that includes \usepackage{arxiv}. There will already be a file in the project called “template.tex” that you can modify or use as an example. You can share code to support your gem if you feel it would be helpful. You can include short blocks of code in your paper, and you can share longer code in an open source repository of your choice, with a pointer in your paper. There is an example Spatial Gems paper here.

Step 5: Submit via EasyChair

Submit a PDF of your paper to EasyChair with this link: You will also enter the name of your Overleaf project as part of the submission process on EasyChair. Take note of your submission number, which you will use in the next step.

Step 6: Share Your Submission on Overleaf

On your Overleaf project, change the “XXX” in the project title to the submission number of your EasyChair submission. Then share your Overleaf project to the workshop’s Overleaf account at

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